As Madonna and others in the film community have found, Portal Yoga delivers!  Portal Yoga is dynamic and transformative yoga-based movement that guarantees to leave you feeling balanced and relaxed while building strength, flexibility and tone. A relaxed, intelligent face and body is a beautiful face and body. By practicing Portal Yoga you’ll be looking and feeling your best on many levels.

“Swami O Bryan makes the simple profound.  To breathe is to live.”
– Randall A. Petrie, Esq. Principal of Dread Brothers Entertainment, LLC

From skyscrapers to pre and post-natal mothers, from film shoots to four star hotels, and from Hollywood directors, actors and producers to service for the HIV community, Maurice Kaehler has utilized his wide-ranging knowledge, spirit and humor to facilitate health and well being.  His classes, privates, workshops, film shoot/tour support and retreats are facilitated through his traveling studio, collectively known as, “Swami O’Bryan’s”.

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