The First Opening

Three months after a bicycle accident that left me unconscious, seizing, and with a fractured skull, I find myself in class, struggling to get into down-dog.  I hesitate when I realize my still vulnerable cranium and the hardwood floor would be in dangerously close proximity.

I have already taken a liking to the substitute teacher, who reminds me of my sister, with whom she shares a strong, muscular, even masculine body type.   I continue to struggle with the pose until I feel two feet press into my upper back right between the shoulder blades.  She sits behind me, and as she continues to press, I feel what I can only describe as the snapping free of an ancient strap that has been binding my chest and breastbone uncomfortably together.

As the class ends, I can see energy pouring out of the instructor’s body.  It is the same energy she uses to free that history in my chest.  She has broken through to another human being in a profound and transformative way, a thing I have been trying to do in my writing.   I know then and there I want what she had.

Lately I’ve realize how I play a part in the transaction; the energy was an EXCHANGE made possible because TWO people were open and ready for it.  I have it in me all along!

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    all of it is always there . . . and knowing that soemtimes makes the door easy to open and sometimes it doesn’t make any difference at all!

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