Breathing Beauty!

The latin root of the word inspire is “inspirare” meaning “to breathe.”

I love to converse about the nature of beauty.  Bucky Fuller has a great quote that goes something like this.

“I don’t set out to design something beautiful, but if it comes out beautiful I know I’ve designed it well.”

My first visit to New York is in 1998.  I have been doing yoga for around 10 years. Getting deeply into the scene then, one could have an attitude towards all that looked to be fashionable, hip and unnatural.  A yogi/yogini wouldn’t be caught dead holding a copy of Vogue in their hand.  Natural and organic was the way to go.

I am surprised when I step onto the streets of New York the first day.  Fashion seems to be everywhere.  It is a vibrant part of the city.  It also becomes very clear that this is a needed part of Universe.  It doesn’t matter to me “why” at the moment.  I am just surprised that this has struck me in such a strong and immediate way.

Hanna comes by the milkstand at the market the other day.  She is fashion designer specializing in wedding and formal gowns.  I like her style and her spirit.  Our conversation, as always, was lively.

Covering beauty once again, Hanna says, “Beauty inspires.  You look at a beautiful vista, man, woman or gown and your breath is taken away.”

She mimics an inhale.

As she does so, I think, “Beauty breathes!”

She continues on.  “As I lie down with someone I love, the first thing we do together is exhale. We let go!”

Beauty breathes.  Beauty breathes.  Beauty breathes.  It inspires.  Breathing relaxes. A relaxed face is a beautiful face.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Expanding.  Contracting. Drawing in.  Letting go.

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