Sexuality 101 – Final Post of the Series

At the moment I am wordless. I have a list of things I can enter in this post and and inner critic says that “it’s too much” and “it has nothing to do with sexuality!”

Intimacy, penetration, inter- and intra-relatedness, and synchronicities  are happening everywhere.

“Microbes can “eat” rocks, “breathe” metals, transform the inorganic to organic, and crack the toughest of chemical compounds. They achieve these amazing feats in a sort of microbial “bucket brigade” – each microbe performs its own task , and its end product becomes the starting fuel for its neighbor”

In one milliliter of seawater, there’s a million bacteria and 10 million viruses. In the air in this room all of you just during the course of this hour will be breathing in at least 10,000 different bacteria, and maybe 100,000 viruses….so you are actually changing DNA with your neighbors without even doing it intentionally right now…..this is the world of biology we are living in, that we don’t see, where evolution takes place on a minute-to-minute basis….the air that we breathe comes from these organisms…if you don’t like bacteria, you’re on the wrong planet. This is the planet of the bacteria…..”

“If the microbes are unhappy with what they are doing, they are going to evolve away from what you want them to do.  A key part of the future is going to be designing a system where they are not grossly unhappy.”

Craig Venter

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