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At Tantric Sexuality workshops and seminars, many facilitators encourage women to move their heart energy into their hips during lovemaking.  The reverse is encouraged in men.  Guys are to move their sexual or first chakra energy out to their heart.

What is implied here are the cultural roles that male and female are supposed to play.  These roles have created a disconnect of hips from heart in both.  Or this disconnect was needed for evolutionary growth and we are now in the phase in which we  are to link hips/heart together knowing what we know to help advance the next stage of evolution.

What is interesting is what happens when these suggestions are acted on during lovemaking and how quick ones body responds in an appropriate environment.

As I am thinking about this, I also think that when a man gets an erection what happens physiologically is obvious and quick.  Blood flow engorges his penis and he gets an erection.  From what I’ve hear from female friends and sex therapists, for a woman it is not so quick.  Time needs to be spent at the vulva in various ways to increase the blood flow to this area ; )  This leads to increased sensitivity and increased pleasure.  Time spent thus becomes time well spent

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Does this connect with K.T.’s statement yesterday?  Hmmmmmmm!

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