Sexuality 101 – The Slinky Theory

A Slinky models a good sexual relationship.  Put one in both hands and move the hands up and down to see why.

It’s about giving and receiving by both parties involved.  One hand can’t receive without the other giving.  Then the roles change.  Connection is kept through a spiral coil (these leads to ideas of kundalini which I won’t get into here)  The hand movement can also be considered a milking movement which, in my opinion and experience, expands and builds energy.  Feeling and maintaining pleasure differs when we come from a place of abundance and feeling full.

Allow me to use “we” here.  Whether we are male or female, we are all pretty good at giving and pretty lousy at receiving, especially when we make/do love.

Learning how to receive is a skill not only we should learn but can learn.

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  1. Renee Wilson
    Posted November 25, 2009 at 9:54 am | Permalink

    This is such a low response but I can’t resist: Another view of Slinkies . . . slinkies may not be good for much, but they make almost all of us smile. If you can keep that going with a lover, I think you are better than halfway home.

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