Swami Says : Establishing a Base

This can be done if you are able to sit comfortably in either half-lotus, full-lotus or a comfortable cross legged position.

Take 3 ujayyi breaths.  Then, with your next inhale, rock slowly over to your left sitbone.  With the exhale, rock slowly over to your right.  Continue to rock with your inhale and exhale. Feel your weight shift from sitbone to sitbone.  After 7 – 8 breaths, stop at the point where there feels an equal distribution of weight between the two bones.  Then with the next inhale, come into a gentle cat stretch.  Your chin and breastbone rise, your back arches and you rock onto your perineum or into your heel.  On the exhale, go in the opposite direction, dropping the chin, drawing your belly inward and rocking back onto your tailbone.  Continue for 7 – 8 breaths. Open/expand on inhale.  Close/contact on exhale.  As you move, continue to feel weight shift through your sitbones.

Cease movement after the eighth breath.  Settle to where you now feel an even distribution of weight over both sitbones, tailbone and perineum.  Consider/Imagine this to now be a diamond base.  Rather than sit with a straight back, from this base gently lift your heart/breastbone out if it doesn’t feel like it is doing such already.  Take three breaths here breathing from your diamond base. Now you are ready to begin your breathing practice or meditation.

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