Breathing – Starting Out!

Breathing will require self-discipline and concentration. Concentration can produce brain change. This can be something as simple as moving from one negative emotional state to a positive one. It can be something as profound as slipping into a state of consciousness or being that one has never been before.

The flip side of a breathing practice is increased intelligence, awareness, and sensitivity. Breathing with resonance pulls your focus and easily draws you into a meditative, contemplative state. This resonant breath also allows you to feel how your body is networked to be a channel of energy. With this comes the realization you one can move energy through your own body for healing purposes, both for you and for others.

So a breathing practice requires concentration. This concentration requires work. There is also the deep satisfaction of connecting to your body in such a private, profound and pleasurable. This is what sustains and brightens both your charisma and spirit. And once begun, the benefits to your body and spirit are immediate.

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