Insights for 2010 – Your Most Challenging Pose.

Your most challenging pose is this…….

Getting to a class!

I hear Judith Lasater say that people come to yoga because they feel that something is not quite right. For some of us this entry is conscious. For others, we need to get whacked upside the head (I turn red and clear my throat.) However the entry, one immediately begins to feel a benefit be it increased energy, clarity or sense of peace. This benefit also seems to run contrary to known patterns……the patterns of thinking, movement and more that inspired us to try yoga in the first place.

And this is where self-discipline comes into play. Yoga works. Simplified, it makes you feel good. You become more comfortable being in your own skin. This is huge in our society.

Once you say yes, there will be many times to say no.

Your discipline can be this. Commit to 3 weeks to a class time with a specific teacher, a yoga series or workshop. Once committed, be aware of the no’s. Go through them, no matter how convincing they may seem. Then see how you feel after each class. Let yourself be amazed.

Transformation is real.

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