Syllabus – Sexuality 101

What passes for sexual education in academia is generally about the mechanics of biology.  That serves to compartmentalize the body as a thing apart from critical factors such as touch, energy, the dynamics of movement, of giving and receiving.

The mystery and power inherent in becoming a sexual being – something cultures have celebrated and regarded as a meaningful life passage, is left out altogether.

Shame, fear, guilt, and the disparity between what is being felt and experienced by a teenager feeling their own sexual energy and vitality for the first time, and the typically lifeless sexual syllabus conspire to create a severe disconnection between theknown, the felt, the good, and the bad.  The body becomes something separate from conscious awareness, unfettered curiosity and pleasure.


1.  Anatomy is for cadavers:  The non-holographic model.

2.  Touch should be a main course, not a summer school elective.

3.  Shame, hiding and repression will always find their way to expression.

4.  The “Slinky” Energetic Model.  This models healthy sexuality. Play with a slinky as one would with both hands. As the slinky moves side to side, it models both giving/receiving and a dynamic shifting and movement of weight/energy back and forth through a spiraled, tensioned vehicle.

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