Teacher’s Training 101.5

Yoga – Big psychological dance


Teach them to create space.  They are in prison.

Keep breathing.  Ease into way that feels better.

Patience is a good thing.  Do not make promises.

Yoga does not always make you feel good in your body.

They’ve got to find ways to process the pain.

Let people know what process means.

It’s ok to run away if you move into something scary. Just come back.

Step in, step out is okay.  Soon you’ll be able to breathe there.

When in doubt, put them in a pose.

The process of feeling the feelings is a healing experience even if it feels bad.

Help them back out of it.

Sympathetic resonance

Okay to be different day to day.

With things like bad injuries little winds, little steps heal and help.  It’s easy to be disheartened by long term.  Teach them to track something they can track easy.

Neck tends to compensate – if the back does start to straighten the neck usually feels like hell.  Stuff is loosened.  Shoots up into head.

Give each injury space and breath.

Read each individual body and each emotional response.

Yoga – about feeling.  “Hey, I’m alive” , “Hey, I’ve got something to deal with” , “Hey, I’ve got a life to live”

Yoga is 90% breath.

Mind goes to present.  Body stays in past.

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