Love Rant


It feels good to give love and it feels good to receive love. It’s not a fixed thing. It changes shape as it grows and expands. Just like you and I. Love doesn’t die. It just changes shape. Again, a good thing in a syntropic world. It is eternal and beautiful and changing. That is continuous stability. Love and movement is continuous stability. The tensions of love are what hold things together. We tend to “clip” these tensions rather than see them through. Issues then seemed to be linkage-dragged through lifetimes. In this age of accepted abundance this seeing these tensions through can be done in the here-now. Is that wonderful? Isn’t that inspiring? Isn’t that fan-fucking tastic? I love the meaning of that. We can have this flexile permeable love now. Abundantly. There is no given how to do it yet that is what we are here for. To figure it out. That is fucking awesome. We can do it. You and I can do it. This world can work for everyone.

See what love can do for you. Stay present. Do a moving practice. Stay in your body. Seek out pleasures and satisfactions that you deserve. Then come from a giving place not as a job but from a place full-filled. How do you like them apples? Love is infusive and accepting. Who is to say that it isn’t something unto itself?

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