Expo Line

Hopping on the Metro Expo Line with BB the Blue Bear, a banana, 2 notebooks, a workhorse laptop and a small leather pouch of essentials all carried in a recycled Gelson’s grocery bag. I travel east. The man in front of me sits looking out the window chanting quietly to himself. ┬áThe woman who sits beside him reads a book opened to the third chapter, entitled. “Anna”.

The ride today is sweet and gently magical. This one is special. There is joy in that it runs parallel to the major north/south arteries that feed Century City, Beverly Hills, the Wilshire Corridor and Hollywood, is elevated off the ground and feels free. It is a line that breathes.

After Nathalie and I make love, I decide to spend the evening. I lie here feeling I am unable to “shut down”. I go to work and bring my body into a state where it does release and I sleep. It’s amazing what I take for granted. The tools that become so second nature that we think they lack in value.

Moving towards DTLA going through Crenshaw District. I see how every who boards and sits are wearing their talismans.

Transcendents. We are transcendence. At some point we rise out of past tense mundane to see it as the ever-present, vibrating now. The place I settle is a trance. Images of the Rosalyn / brian dream come to mind. A frequency held. Seized. Not material. Gathered and held in a maintained/contained space. Memory. Memory is a different frequency and carrier band.

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