Coffeehouse Bullets

Shit by any other name still stinks the same.

Make cribbage cool again.

Words sell. Presence elucidates.

If you are going to survive elegantly, you must not feel a compulsion to survive. – Alan Watts

A poem is neve finished. It is only abandoned.

Always be in the process of building good will. Life does that naturally.

You only know what you know when you know it. You only learn what you learn when you learn it.

My levels of adoration are off the chart.

We are wormholes.

Dreams don’t die. They just change shape and bother you until you bring them into existence.

People often like us to give them an outcome that they can focus on so they can feel good in the meantime. We don’t want to do that because that’s backwards creating. We like you to feel you’re working is because it is natural.

If the structure can hold itself up it’s pragmatic.

We choose to be frontier-based. Edge based discomfort is only us pushing into ourselves.

Dreams are not democratic and indifferent.

How do you contract, survive, believe in humanity. Believe in yourself and not become an addict.

People aren’t dumb. They are figuring things out on their own.

People are so far ahead of themselves they don’t know it’s over when it’s over.

I live the tattoo on my back.

Burn a candle when telling a story.

We are worth doing. We are strength doing.

Parents are Muggles. Grandparents are Hogwarts.

Horses making jumps. Traditional barriers as opposed to breakaway. What is the purpose? Injuring horse to build character? To increase lifespan and mental health of the animal.

Life creates character. Do not sacrifice character for love.

With abundance you are asking men to give up traditional roles.

Keep it short. Keep it sweet. God’s neat. Let’s eat.

No diminishment.

I learned from Bucky. The mistakes are my own. Not Bucky’s.

Art plays y0u like an instrument and tells you where to go.

The healing that one receives is relevant to that person’s accumulated experience to the point of touch. It is relevant to the accumulated experience of the healer and patient.

Blissful state of fatigue.

If you look at the ground you end up in the ground.

Humanity is in beta!

Rather than blaming patriarchy, thank the patriarchy for giving you something to push against and to advantage humanity.

Passive aggressiveness is put into a new light.

Women have more freedom because of their joyfulness. Because they have something to push against. Men now have a longing for this.

The more one demonizes the more one deifies.

Images of women holding men who are crying.

Drugs don’t help people in depression. People help people in depression.

Mobility is its own sort of well.

I will bring you back to the identity that serves you best.

You are your own sustainable planet. You’ve got the gravity field for it.

When we play that we’re not playing, life loses its charm. – ¬†Alan Watts

You are your imagination.

Why can’t I love everybody full on?

If I am my own planet I have my own gravity field.

Abundance is both a plan and a perspective – Diamandis

An unexpected smile is a pathway. An opening the possibility.

I’m as hard as a pack of muffins.

Good design is ubiquitous and real change is boring.

Using my current content we are going to build something out of nothing.

Your experiences aren’t democratic.

There’s no such thing as evil. There’s what we perceive evil to be.

The Infrastructure of Consent.

SheBrew – Jewish Coffeehouse for Feminists.

Tools created communication.

Jesus died to get neurological understanding of the brain.

Rather than slot somebody into a category, why don’t you create a brand that represents that way of thinking. That way of thinking is how that person’s life is colored.

(Most media advertising and sales pitches are based on this reverse engineering)….Reverse engineering of fear.

Life as a cautionary tale is bullshit.

The future will be kind to people who are comfortable moving to and fro.

The future is kind to transience.

The speed at which things move today. We need to be comfortable from going in and out of 0 (zero)

Language catches up with experience.

Where are all the positive aldermen?

In dreams there is no such word as “but”

Being relevant is unimportant. Being current is.

I feel the need to read.

Children like repetition and symmetry.

Reality isn;’t real. Your journey is.

Guide for the Rebellious Young Man.

Your fears and insecurities are a small part of who you are.

A lot of times I feel bigger than who I am.

Magnanimous joy.

Play for the moment. Play for eternity.

Hi all. I’m unctuous.

There is no love in a lesser ingredient. Love is whole. Not partial.

You can’t learn less. You can’t live less. You can’t experience less.

Control freaks leans into conspiracies.

Energy draws people from depression into anger. People would much rather be angry than depressed. Trump/rainman

When you ar win momentum your thoughts are thanking you.

Buzzwords stop growth. Buzzwords narrow experience.

I used to think I was always right. I still do.

TEDx – Film event with 6 audience cel phones.

Love, desire and enthusiasm, creating good and positive emotions is an art not a science.

My world doesn’t end with data.

Sometime’s you gotta go for the Tin Cup.

Our bodies are the infrastructure of consciousness.

We’re not ordered to live – Alan Watts

What I admire about you?

Stay bright. Keep it light.

Gratitude is beseechment. Appreciation is flow.








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