Coffeehouse Rants!

How can you be irresponsible in a responsible Universe.

It’s like my mom saying I have bad teachers. How can they be bad if I like them?

How could I have failed? I am here.

And when I am done, I am done.

I think highly enough of myself that when you are in my presence I think highly of you. Don’t take it personally.

Repeating is redundant.

Renee Seance.

Those who pursue work they don’t care about will at best be mediocre at it.

Bliss your heart!

Watching CNN/News is like having a relationship with a psychopath.

Guilt Mitzvah!

In a world of abundance I become a collaborative “I”

All wretch and no vomit – Alan Watts

God bliss you.

I’d have a baby with a redhead. Don’t take it personal. I plan to live more than one life !

Accounting classes are the new mystery schools.

Reverse engineer desire. What will you accept rather than what you want.

We are here. We are one holding the blessed tension of separation.

The only way that I would hate my past and the only way I would have regrets and the only way to feel that I’ve made bad decisions is to hate where I am right now and I know better than that. I don’t.

Now drunk moving through the night. You realize that God is there supporting you with every decision. Even if it is something so simple as getting to the toilet to vomit without waking everybody up.

What matters is the feeling that I am doing something good with my life.

When you find comfort with your soul. That’s when you are able to sleep.

Drunk is soul’s dispersal of emotion.

You go there “relentlessly” not caring about results. Only a man will understand this.

Transcend the need.

Language is relevant.

I’m tired of resisting. In their heart of hearts, men seek peace.

That is why men get drunk.

The choice is to take on responsibility and what that’s necessary.

The higher the frequency you are in the more bullshit you have to deal with. The more you attract moths.

My compassion. My ability to love and care are beyond question.

Sometimes we get drunk to focus in the midst of the bullshit. To stay true to our heart.

The backend of spirituality.

Darkness is everywhere. Darkness is divine.

The Church of Bacteria – Where Immortality Is Real!

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