Insights of the week surfing shame waves…

In surfing shame waves….

Think multidimensionally.

I am a warrior in my work/play. I’ve stayed with purpose.

What is the proactive approach? What needs to be done now? Don’t care what others think.

In getting through this I will be vulnerable to others who knew me. I will be a magician.

We are in the ream of magic. Tapping chest. Doing clearings.

My personal experience. Initiations (how I see my father cutting my hair, Rosalyn dream, seizures/energy event, my read that they are the removal of the “Rosary” out of my body, seeing the energy initiations in the precursors) The events going on right now. Warrior initiations. ┬áMultidimensional.

What I have just done I have passed though.

Renee. Going to another state. the feeling of being met.

To my brother, Joe, “Have you had divine experiences before? (I know you have)

Those who don’t have children take the warrior path. They work multidimensionally. Ease in transition between multidimensional worlds.

Yawning. Changing frequency leaning back into integrity of soul/spirit.

There are people I know that if I am around them I will get better.

Give my pain a dignified place to be. Felt that way with dad.

Take a look at a picture of yourself when you are 6 years old and say to yourself, “Don’t beat that kid. say to yourself, “I won’t beat that kid up. I won’t beat you up”

There are no such things as individuals. Only fragments of a large family – via Robert Bly

Grandiosity that wasn’t killed.

Your experiences are your signature of being

You cannot look at geological history and get a better picture as it shows that only the hard survive. Only the shell the soft tissue interior of the animal remains unseen. Remains unseen – via Robert Bly

He mentions how women carvings were of stone, lasted (Willendorf woman) men were carved in wood. Wood doesn’t last.

“The woman does not understand the sense of purpose of the man. They assume they are fleeing from feeling which is what is sacred to them.” – Bly

For men, purpose is sacred.

For women, feeling is sacred.

Bly believes that neither will never fully understand the depth of what is sacred in each other. That is a good thing.

Me – “How do you make love stay? By realizing you will never fully know your partner”

People don’t want you to make it while you are making it because you are mirroring to them that you are making it.

Feeling that, with women, I choose to be invited in. Bly says that choosing to be invited in means that one holds the others space sacred.

The signature you have is the signature of expansion.

You and you alone have pulled your genetic line. You’ve pulled it to this leading edge right now where you have can shape thought structures and language to establish your presence.

I don’t come back. I advance. I expand.

Rather than be a public speaker I choose to be an open human being and in making that decision I am always prepared.

All data builds on data. All statistics do is build on statistics. Neither are responsive to the moment. Both are meaningless to the moment. Both produce a false sense of security, certainty and manipulation of insecurity.

All these books (Science) break things down for you and in a way they are no different than the bible. They take you out of you. Then you move from you being you to you being knowledge and at some point you realize that the more you continue to expand the less you know. It’s not the knowledge that expands you. It’s you that expands you…..everything you can say I can stand alone at that moment as the moment with another is an act of/active concealing and revealing.

I am neither here nor there. I am open.

I’m not afraid of you. I am afraid of the color of your skin.

Renee prepared me for this?

Reading what I wrote three years ago anticipates the space that I’m in right now.

Working with older teachers there’s less margin of error and you get more bang for the buck because they know what’s important.

If I lock myself into a style I am at the mercy of the style than flow.

Quiet revelation

I am a mystic.

I am the integrity of my own body and my own desires.

The integrity of my soul and spirit transcends what anybody thinks about me and what I think about myself.

Love your teachers. Love you energetic signatures in your brain.

I am not going to break things down for you. Your yoga practice is a living, breathing event. It’s your experience, not mine/mind, knowing that we blend.

The joy of life is the sum total of this spot in existence. Being a hitchhiker, we continue to add to that totality, always present, always ongoing.

Life is flow. Go.

If you were once my yoga student, don’t apologize to me about not continuing your practice. I didn’t teach you about guilt. I taught you about flow.

Virtue is given relevance based on the zero-sum game idea of one life, one life only.

Your dreams show you the new energy pathways you are carving and the new frequencies you can choose to inhabit.

Your dreams are your personal signature.

Depression is a language. Not a condition.

Science minimizes.

Once something is minimized it can be marketed.

Same as expertise.

You have options, choices and possibility. Court them all. Love them all. Then choose.

You can’t make a wrong choice in Universe.

I’d rather you’d step into the flow with the accrued love experience entitled by your name.

I am resolute. Failure is an option. It’s one of many. I won’t choose it or use it. I will choose it when it is necessary.

Post-enlightened being.

My community is wherever I am.

I have more character and grace than any man you have met up to this time. You know why? Because you are always expanding. And i am the guy now.

Beyond Yoga. Yoga have now.

C-Suite Guru

Sophistication in the language.

Momentum from rotation and spin of earth. Horse power. Being current creates currency – McLuhan

Universe does not apologize for anything.

Me and Trump.

The scale with which things happen for him.

How can you be irresponsible in a responsible Universe.

I fuck up. I love it.

Privilege is bullshit. You are where you are, own it.

Apply human qualities to Universe.

You fucked up. So what. Love it. Love the fact that you fucked up. You’re not gonna die because of it. God’s not going to strike you down. You’re not going to hell. If people hold your fuck-ups against you, then they were never your friends or family to begin with. Lighten the fuck up! Fuck up! When you fuck up, lighten the fuck up!


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