I am in class of K-Students.  All are in uniform.

I see a little girl struggling. Asking for answers. I go to assist. The first time through is stimulating. We do not connect.

I see her raise her hand 10 minutes later. She is working on the same page. I see a solution that works for the moment. The exercise looks like this….


2                             7

11               14         16               19

23                      27

30                          35                38


She is to go through and fill the empty spaces so numbers are numerically in order from 1-100.

What I saw was that if you just knew how to transcribe images and did not know how to count to look for the common number on both the horizontal and vertical lines. One begin with the clues given and then fill the rest in. She got this, found the pattern, got more done and was able to correct the anomalies she had written before  I arrived.

In computer math I help a young boy. The exercise  is 3   +        =   9 and other equations. 2 vertical lines of 10 balls delineate the equation. You are to drag the requested number of balls to the blank space of the equation. You would be shown if you got the correct answer.

The numbers of the equation did not exceed 10. Using this equation as an example I hold up nine fingers, ask him to touch as he counts down three out loud. Eyes, voice and touch. He begins to use the cursor to count down the balls on the screen instead of counting my fingers. This is where he begins to make anomolies.

After he make 2-3 answers I thin “ok. He’s done.” Let him go on his own. It feel reflexive. I realize my body wants to stay awhile longer beyond “the light going on” to keep him in a warm field and to physically anchor the discovery in his body. I play assisting him beyond the knowing of when he gets it.

In “clubs” I am assigned to the “Lego” group. A boy in 4th grade throws a block. The teachers stops class, calls him out, asks him to stand. The class quiets. She berates him. Orders him to a desk where he is to sit with his forehead on the desk. He gets up immediately, shoulders hunched, walks across the room, sits and plants his forehead and sits there for 5 minutes. He does all of this on his own. With no guidance. He is shamed.

More about this in next post….



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