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“Spending is fallacy. Nothing is spent in Universe.”

“Reasonable laws made by reasonable men in reasonable times proscribe trying everything. For good reason: people get hurt trying stuff. If you’re bound to try stuff anyway, then either you are working for directly for City Hall, or you’re an outlaw, or both. One thing we need is better outlaws.” – Stewart Brand

‘Sheer information overload, unannounced shifts from the “local” mode to the “express” radiating instead of linear patterns, make him rather an experience than a list of enlightenments.

It’s not a canned lecture: that’s part of the appeal. It’s a remarkable mind thinking out loud, remarkable most evidently for its eager presence. Who else cares so much about the next thing he will tell you? It’s like that bright memory, father’s undivided attention, when you are seven and Universe is strutting its stuff. The two of you dropped sticks into the swift eddies below a bridge, and you stood on the lower rung of a black iron railing to watch the current catch them. Nothing failed, not his vigilance, not gravity, nor those eddies.

Did the last man you talked with care what his next sentence would be?  Does the president care. For that matter does the president think in sentences, taut between concentration and concentration? Does most discourse not shred into phrases, like a crumbling wall? But real sentences are tensile, extended discourse a Tensegrity. And fuller keeps it up three, four hours unbroken, spinning his weave, departing on great hexagonal circuits from the juncture to which he will suddenly return, six struts meanwhile laced tight.

And there’s the unfailing readiness to clarify, amplify, one mode of generosity. And always the elation of triumphant fit, as the great circle closes with six holes aligned for the final bolt. Those are the aphoristic moments:

– Principles do not begin and end.

– Nature always works in the most economical way

– Nature never fails, it is we who invent failure.

– We have a function in Universe

– You do not need to prove your right to survive

– Man is meant to be a success.

—- Hugh Kenner, Bucky: A Guided Tour of Buckmnster Fuller

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