More Coffeehouse Bullets

You have options, choices and possibility. Court them all. Love them all. Then choose.

You can’t make a wrong choice in Universe.

I’d rather you step into the flow with the accrued love and experience entitled by your name.

I am stubborn. Failure is an option. It’s one of many. I won’t use it or choose it.

Think multidimensionally.

What is proactive approach? What can be done now? ┬áDon’t care about what others think?

In getting through this I will be vulnerable to those who know me. I will be a magician.

We are in the realm of magic. Tapping chest. Doing clearing.

Initiations. Seizures/Energy initiations. Removal of rosary. This is warrior initiation. Multidimensional. Training with Ana.

What I have done I have passed through.

Renee. Going to another state. the feeling of being met.

Joe, have you had divine experiences before?

Those who don’t have children take the warrior path. They work multidimensionally. Ease in transition between multidimensional worlds.

Yawning. Changing frequency.

There are people I know that I’ll get better around.

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