Wisdom Dump 3/17/2017

We are never blocked. Only knotted. Rather than remove the blocks, untie the knots.

What is stable in a closed system is a sum of forces – Fuller

I require no permission. Merely participation from those who can meet me – Emilie Odeile

Much of my current negotiation is from a false sense of lack. Fight or flight. This contradicts and works in opposition to the proportions and scale of Universe. I can’t make anyone think this way. I can only live this way. Traditional school structures seem to contradict this. Teaching it seems these days is more and more about saving rather than teaching.

There is no such thing as bearing witness in doing Universe.

The only time one bears witness is when somebody dies and even then you are a participant.

Education equals conflict.

Conscious or not, Trump knows the role/rule he is playing.

That which is unlike itself rises to the top.

He is drawing internalized hatred and anger out of everybody.

Children being a whole in a system of holes. They then have to subtract from their whole in order to be a hole.


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