Assisting at the market in Beverly Hills. Good to be behind the table again. Selling for a berry farm out of San Luis Obispo.

I am there to learn their system. I know what I like to do. Keep a sense of order and aesthetic. Create an open space. Many customers remark to the domo. “You’ve got help today.” I hear the stories about the lines. How he deals with the customers. In retrospect much of the customer actions come from the fact that they have to wait and he is understaffed.

I follow his lead. And take initiative. I don’t like sitting around when there can be things done. The trays begin to pile up. When there is free time, I stack them and put them in order. When there is free time I begin to go through the cash to set the bills in order so they can be easy to read. It’s a habit I’ve picked up.

The demo asks me if I am counting the bank. It is accusatory and spoken from a different frequency.

I explain to him that I’ve worked markets in the past. I just like to keep the bills in order.

I am lectured. If he sees me doing that. Then if there is bank missing, his first thought will go to me. If the owner recognizes this, the dome will be blamed.

I reply, “What if I know that I did not take anything!”

I say what I say because I know why I am doing what am doing and what I am doing it for.

He lectures me about doing what he says. That stacking the boxes was not cool. Etc.

Initiative stops. I sense that what this is all about is “who has got the biggest dick” The immediate response is that I will only do enough to get as that is the essence of what he asks for. His position is maintained. ┬áThere is nothing there to threaten it. Women condone this. I listen to his stories from this perspective. The complaints. How he deals with others. How he creates/relates to other men.

Late a mini-celebrity comes by. He knows him. Has his picture taken with him. The man’s children are eating the berries straight from the boxes. The mother is not stopping him. The dome does nothing even while it is against the rule he’s been hammering the whole day.

“Don’t let the customer’s sample”

He mentions later he wasn’t going to stop the kids because they belonged to the mini-celebrity.

I would not want this person in a foxhole beside me.



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