mk1Maurice Kaehler became interested in alternative healing therapies in 1988, following an extreme accident/awakening  –  a bicycling accident that results in multiple injuries, including internal bleeding and a fractured skull.  With an intuitive awareness that his specific injuries are part of a greater system that included the entire body, as well as the subtle and crucial energetic aspects of the brain, he feels compelled to seek out a more physically dynamic and holistic approach to healing his injuries than anything traditional western medicine had to offer.  Serendipity and common sense leads him to yoga.

In 1993, after years of intensive study and practice, he begins to teach. Since then he has taught at the Center for Yoga and the Forrest Yoga Circle, and founded/co-founded YogaDen and OmWorks, where he produces and participates in prose/poetry/speaking events along with yoga classes, retreats and workshops.  He is the founder of Swami O’Bryan’s Yoga Studio, where he currently teaches and practices Portal Yoga.  Private and corporate clients have included Madonna, Keith Addis, Michael Costigan, Tim Daly, Gil Bellows, Harold Becker, Dean Chamberlain, Erica Courtney, Chadwick School/Rancho Palos Verdes, The Ritz Carlton – Pasadena, Loews Hotel Santa Monica, First Interstate Bank, BP Petroleum and The Gas Company.  He specializes in on-site classes (businesses, film shoots, tours) and private pre- and post-natal yoga.

mk2He has described the practice of yoga as, “a dialogue you can have with your physical body that allows you to be comfortable in your own skin.  In a culture that is often bereft of a profound connection to the sensual aspect of what it means to be in a human body, one loses sight of what a gift and delight that is, and that pleasure is a birthright.”

In addition, Maurice is also founder of Epic62 Menswear and organizer/curator of SyntropyLA and TEDxEchoPark.  He produces artisan fair through BOLO@ Artisan Faire. He is a published author and poet. His works include the Amazon #1 Best Sellers 60 Second Guru: One Minute Spiritual Life Hacks For Growth, Relationships, Happiness and Empowerment and Beyond the Blackboard: The Last Transmissions of a Wounded Healer. Self-published texts include “Red Teacups”, “Reliance and the ’65 Dodge”, and “ You Can’t Argue With a Raindrop,” through the Riders of the Divine Yeehah Press. You can follow his writing and insights via his website.

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