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Energy Event Manifesto Prep

  I have decided that the next several post will be devoted to what I call “energy events”  and what others call “seizures” Within these posts, a timeline of actual events and auras will be listed, the experience of others who were near me during these times and my thoughts and insights coming from a […]


Assisting at the market in Beverly Hills. Good to be behind the table again. Selling for a berry farm out of San Luis Obispo. I am there to learn their system. I know what I like to do. Keep a sense of order and aesthetic. Create an open space. Many customers remark to the domo. […]

Good Healing Explained.

We are hungry to complete the cognitive narratives we’ve begun in order to verify, support and validate our experiences. Choose environments where there is a frequency of fullness and contrasts. Good healing can be explained and easily understood by children. Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and fly. Life right […]

Healing Manifesto

1. We live in non-static Universe. 2. We continue to heal whether we are living or dying. 3. We continue to expand whether we are living or dying. 4. Jesus did not do technique. He just touched. 5. When our bodies come together the healing that happens is relevant to : A) The sumtotal of your […]

The Hanged Man

  Had a dream upon arrival to Germany. It ended with me holding myself upside down in a pool off water close to the side of the pool…to stay out of sight of a shooter from whom I previously taken a bullet in the thigh. A friend referred me to “The Hanged Man” card of […]

Post From Germany

Is a seizure a DMT episode?

We Are Never Blocked. Only Knotted.

We are never blocked. Only knotted. What is stable in a closed system is the sum of forces. The force not only has intensities. They have length,

Bucky Insights

  “Spending is fallacy. Nothing is spent in Universe.” “Reasonable laws made by reasonable men in reasonable times proscribe trying everything. For good reason: people get hurt trying stuff. If you’re bound to try stuff anyway, then either you are working for directly for City Hall, or you’re an outlaw, or both. One thing we […]

More Coffeehouse Bullets

You have options, choices and possibility. Court them all. Love them all. Then choose. You can’t make a wrong choice in Universe. I’d rather you step into the flow with the accrued love and experience entitled by your name. I am stubborn. Failure is an option. It’s one of many. I won’t use it or […]

More Coffeehouse Bullets

Accountants are psychotherapists/shamans. In arguing for your own limitations, you are subtracting yourself from yourself. Change is ubiquitous and can only be seen retroactively. Set out your healing process like a geodesic dome. Charm them into neutral.    

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