You think that people you interact with will forget you. (You’re?) They’re going to remember you. See you. They’ll sense and remember your essence once they reset their focus on you.

The agency ultimately comes down to you.


Wisdom Dump 3/17/2017

We are never blocked. Only knotted. Rather than remove the blocks, untie the knots.

What is stable in a closed system is a sum of forces – Fuller

I require no permission. Merely participation from those who can meet me – Emilie Odeile

Much of my current negotiation is from a false sense of lack. Fight or flight. This contradicts and works in opposition to the proportions and scale of Universe. I can’t make anyone think this way. I can only live this way. Traditional school structures seem to contradict this. Teaching it seems these days is more and more about saving rather than teaching.

There is no such thing as bearing witness in doing Universe.

The only time one bears witness is when somebody dies and even then you are a participant.

Education equals conflict.

Conscious or not, Trump knows the role/rule he is playing.

That which is unlike itself rises to the top.

He is drawing internalized hatred and anger out of everybody.

Children being a whole in a system of holes. They then have to subtract from their whole in order to be a hole.


Coffeehouse Bullets

Shit by any other name still stinks the same.

Make cribbage cool again.

Words sell. Presence elucidates.

If you are going to survive elegantly, you must not feel a compulsion to survive. – Alan Watts

A poem is neve finished. It is only abandoned.

Always be in the process of building good will. Life does that naturally.

You only know what you know when you know it. You only learn what you learn when you learn it.

My levels of adoration are off the chart.

We are wormholes.

Dreams don’t die. They just change shape and bother you until you bring them into existence.

People often like us to give them an outcome that they can focus on so they can feel good in the meantime. We don’t want to do that because that’s backwards creating. We like you to feel you’re working is because it is natural.

If the structure can hold itself up it’s pragmatic.

We choose to be frontier-based. Edge based discomfort is only us pushing into ourselves.

Dreams are not democratic and indifferent.

How do you contract, survive, believe in humanity. Believe in yourself and not become an addict.

People aren’t dumb. They are figuring things out on their own.

People are so far ahead of themselves they don’t know it’s over when it’s over.

I live the tattoo on my back.

Burn a candle when telling a story.

We are worth doing. We are strength doing.

Parents are Muggles. Grandparents are Hogwarts.

Horses making jumps. Traditional barriers as opposed to breakaway. What is the purpose? Injuring horse to build character? To increase lifespan and mental health of the animal.

Life creates character. Do not sacrifice character for love.

With abundance you are asking men to give up traditional roles.

Keep it short. Keep it sweet. God’s neat. Let’s eat.

No diminishment.

I learned from Bucky. The mistakes are my own. Not Bucky’s.

Art plays y0u like an instrument and tells you where to go.

The healing that one receives is relevant to that person’s accumulated experience to the point of touch. It is relevant to the accumulated experience of the healer and patient.

Blissful state of fatigue.

If you look at the ground you end up in the ground.

Humanity is in beta!

Rather than blaming patriarchy, thank the patriarchy for giving you something to push against and to advantage humanity.

Passive aggressiveness is put into a new light.

Women have more freedom because of their joyfulness. Because they have something to push against. Men now have a longing for this.

The more one demonizes the more one deifies.

Images of women holding men who are crying.

Drugs don’t help people in depression. People help people in depression.

Mobility is its own sort of well.

I will bring you back to the identity that serves you best.

You are your own sustainable planet. You’ve got the gravity field for it.

When we play that we’re not playing, life loses its charm. –  Alan Watts

You are your imagination.

Why can’t I love everybody full on?

If I am my own planet I have my own gravity field.

Abundance is both a plan and a perspective – Diamandis

An unexpected smile is a pathway. An opening the possibility.

I’m as hard as a pack of muffins.

Good design is ubiquitous and real change is boring.

Using my current content we are going to build something out of nothing.

Your experiences aren’t democratic.

There’s no such thing as evil. There’s what we perceive evil to be.

The Infrastructure of Consent.

SheBrew – Jewish Coffeehouse for Feminists.

Tools created communication.

Jesus died to get neurological understanding of the brain.

Rather than slot somebody into a category, why don’t you create a brand that represents that way of thinking. That way of thinking is how that person’s life is colored.

(Most media advertising and sales pitches are based on this reverse engineering)….Reverse engineering of fear.

Life as a cautionary tale is bullshit.

The future will be kind to people who are comfortable moving to and fro.

The future is kind to transience.

The speed at which things move today. We need to be comfortable from going in and out of 0 (zero)

Language catches up with experience.

Where are all the positive aldermen?

In dreams there is no such word as “but”

Being relevant is unimportant. Being current is.

I feel the need to read.

Children like repetition and symmetry.

Reality isn;’t real. Your journey is.

Guide for the Rebellious Young Man.

Your fears and insecurities are a small part of who you are.

A lot of times I feel bigger than who I am.

Magnanimous joy.

Play for the moment. Play for eternity.

Hi all. I’m unctuous.

There is no love in a lesser ingredient. Love is whole. Not partial.

You can’t learn less. You can’t live less. You can’t experience less.

Control freaks leans into conspiracies.

Energy draws people from depression into anger. People would much rather be angry than depressed. Trump/rainman

When you ar win momentum your thoughts are thanking you.

Buzzwords stop growth. Buzzwords narrow experience.

I used to think I was always right. I still do.

TEDx – Film event with 6 audience cel phones.

Love, desire and enthusiasm, creating good and positive emotions is an art not a science.

My world doesn’t end with data.

Sometime’s you gotta go for the Tin Cup.

Our bodies are the infrastructure of consciousness.

We’re not ordered to live – Alan Watts

What I admire about you?

Stay bright. Keep it light.

Gratitude is beseechment. Appreciation is flow.









In the present of someone you begin subtracting differences.

Sometime you stay with the kid beyond the time he has learned the solution to be physically close with him.

Coffeehouse Rants!

How can you be irresponsible in a responsible Universe.

It’s like my mom saying I have bad teachers. How can they be bad if I like them?

How could I have failed? I am here.

And when I am done, I am done.

I think highly enough of myself that when you are in my presence I think highly of you. Don’t take it personally.

Repeating is redundant.

Renee Seance.

Those who pursue work they don’t care about will at best be mediocre at it.

Bliss your heart!

Watching CNN/News is like having a relationship with a psychopath.

Guilt Mitzvah!

In a world of abundance I become a collaborative “I”

All wretch and no vomit – Alan Watts

God bliss you.

I’d have a baby with a redhead. Don’t take it personal. I plan to live more than one life !

Accounting classes are the new mystery schools.

Reverse engineer desire. What will you accept rather than what you want.

We are here. We are one holding the blessed tension of separation.

The only way that I would hate my past and the only way I would have regrets and the only way to feel that I’ve made bad decisions is to hate where I am right now and I know better than that. I don’t.

Now drunk moving through the night. You realize that God is there supporting you with every decision. Even if it is something so simple as getting to the toilet to vomit without waking everybody up.

What matters is the feeling that I am doing something good with my life.

When you find comfort with your soul. That’s when you are able to sleep.

Drunk is soul’s dispersal of emotion.

You go there “relentlessly” not caring about results. Only a man will understand this.

Transcend the need.

Language is relevant.

I’m tired of resisting. In their heart of hearts, men seek peace.

That is why men get drunk.

The choice is to take on responsibility and what that’s necessary.

The higher the frequency you are in the more bullshit you have to deal with. The more you attract moths.

My compassion. My ability to love and care are beyond question.

Sometimes we get drunk to focus in the midst of the bullshit. To stay true to our heart.

The backend of spirituality.

Darkness is everywhere. Darkness is divine.

The Church of Bacteria – Where Immortality Is Real!

You Fucked Up!

You fucked up.

So what.

Love it.

Love the fact that you fucked up.

You’re not gonna die because of it.

God’s not going to strike you down.

You’re not going to hell.

If people hold your fuck-ups against you, then they were never your friends or family to begin with.

Lighten the fuck up!

Then fuck up again!

When you fuck up, lighten the fuck up!

Insights of the week surfing shame waves…

In surfing shame waves….

Think multidimensionally.

I am a warrior in my work/play. I’ve stayed with purpose.

What is the proactive approach? What needs to be done now? Don’t care what others think.

In getting through this I will be vulnerable to others who knew me. I will be a magician.

We are in the ream of magic. Tapping chest. Doing clearings.

My personal experience. Initiations (how I see my father cutting my hair, Rosalyn dream, seizures/energy event, my read that they are the removal of the “Rosary” out of my body, seeing the energy initiations in the precursors) The events going on right now. Warrior initiations.  Multidimensional.

What I have just done I have passed though.

Renee. Going to another state. the feeling of being met.

To my brother, Joe, “Have you had divine experiences before? (I know you have)

Those who don’t have children take the warrior path. They work multidimensionally. Ease in transition between multidimensional worlds.

Yawning. Changing frequency leaning back into integrity of soul/spirit.

There are people I know that if I am around them I will get better.

Give my pain a dignified place to be. Felt that way with dad.

Take a look at a picture of yourself when you are 6 years old and say to yourself, “Don’t beat that kid. say to yourself, “I won’t beat that kid up. I won’t beat you up”

There are no such things as individuals. Only fragments of a large family – via Robert Bly

Grandiosity that wasn’t killed.

Your experiences are your signature of being

You cannot look at geological history and get a better picture as it shows that only the hard survive. Only the shell the soft tissue interior of the animal remains unseen. Remains unseen – via Robert Bly

He mentions how women carvings were of stone, lasted (Willendorf woman) men were carved in wood. Wood doesn’t last.

“The woman does not understand the sense of purpose of the man. They assume they are fleeing from feeling which is what is sacred to them.” – Bly

For men, purpose is sacred.

For women, feeling is sacred.

Bly believes that neither will never fully understand the depth of what is sacred in each other. That is a good thing.

Me – “How do you make love stay? By realizing you will never fully know your partner”

People don’t want you to make it while you are making it because you are mirroring to them that you are making it.

Feeling that, with women, I choose to be invited in. Bly says that choosing to be invited in means that one holds the others space sacred.

The signature you have is the signature of expansion.

You and you alone have pulled your genetic line. You’ve pulled it to this leading edge right now where you have can shape thought structures and language to establish your presence.

I don’t come back. I advance. I expand.

Rather than be a public speaker I choose to be an open human being and in making that decision I am always prepared.

All data builds on data. All statistics do is build on statistics. Neither are responsive to the moment. Both are meaningless to the moment. Both produce a false sense of security, certainty and manipulation of insecurity.

All these books (Science) break things down for you and in a way they are no different than the bible. They take you out of you. Then you move from you being you to you being knowledge and at some point you realize that the more you continue to expand the less you know. It’s not the knowledge that expands you. It’s you that expands you…..everything you can say I can stand alone at that moment as the moment with another is an act of/active concealing and revealing.

I am neither here nor there. I am open.

I’m not afraid of you. I am afraid of the color of your skin.

Renee prepared me for this?

Reading what I wrote three years ago anticipates the space that I’m in right now.

Working with older teachers there’s less margin of error and you get more bang for the buck because they know what’s important.

If I lock myself into a style I am at the mercy of the style than flow.

Quiet revelation

I am a mystic.

I am the integrity of my own body and my own desires.

The integrity of my soul and spirit transcends what anybody thinks about me and what I think about myself.

Love your teachers. Love you energetic signatures in your brain.

I am not going to break things down for you. Your yoga practice is a living, breathing event. It’s your experience, not mine/mind, knowing that we blend.

The joy of life is the sum total of this spot in existence. Being a hitchhiker, we continue to add to that totality, always present, always ongoing.

Life is flow. Go.

If you were once my yoga student, don’t apologize to me about not continuing your practice. I didn’t teach you about guilt. I taught you about flow.

Virtue is given relevance based on the zero-sum game idea of one life, one life only.

Your dreams show you the new energy pathways you are carving and the new frequencies you can choose to inhabit.

Your dreams are your personal signature.

Depression is a language. Not a condition.

Science minimizes.

Once something is minimized it can be marketed.

Same as expertise.

You have options, choices and possibility. Court them all. Love them all. Then choose.

You can’t make a wrong choice in Universe.

I’d rather you’d step into the flow with the accrued love experience entitled by your name.

I am resolute. Failure is an option. It’s one of many. I won’t choose it or use it. I will choose it when it is necessary.

Post-enlightened being.

My community is wherever I am.

I have more character and grace than any man you have met up to this time. You know why? Because you are always expanding. And i am the guy now.

Beyond Yoga. Yoga have now.

C-Suite Guru

Sophistication in the language.

Momentum from rotation and spin of earth. Horse power. Being current creates currency – McLuhan

Universe does not apologize for anything.

Me and Trump.

The scale with which things happen for him.

How can you be irresponsible in a responsible Universe.

I fuck up. I love it.

Privilege is bullshit. You are where you are, own it.

Apply human qualities to Universe.

You fucked up. So what. Love it. Love the fact that you fucked up. You’re not gonna die because of it. God’s not going to strike you down. You’re not going to hell. If people hold your fuck-ups against you, then they were never your friends or family to begin with. Lighten the fuck up! Fuck up! When you fuck up, lighten the fuck up!



I am in class of K-Students.  All are in uniform.

I see a little girl struggling. Asking for answers. I go to assist. The first time through is stimulating. We do not connect.

I see her raise her hand 10 minutes later. She is working on the same page. I see a solution that works for the moment. The exercise looks like this….


2                             7

11               14         16               19

23                      27

30                          35                38


She is to go through and fill the empty spaces so numbers are numerically in order from 1-100.

What I saw was that if you just knew how to transcribe images and did not know how to count to look for the common number on both the horizontal and vertical lines. One begin with the clues given and then fill the rest in. She got this, found the pattern, got more done and was able to correct the anomalies she had written before  I arrived.

In computer math I help a young boy. The exercise  is 3   +        =   9 and other equations. 2 vertical lines of 10 balls delineate the equation. You are to drag the requested number of balls to the blank space of the equation. You would be shown if you got the correct answer.

The numbers of the equation did not exceed 10. Using this equation as an example I hold up nine fingers, ask him to touch as he counts down three out loud. Eyes, voice and touch. He begins to use the cursor to count down the balls on the screen instead of counting my fingers. This is where he begins to make anomolies.

After he make 2-3 answers I thin “ok. He’s done.” Let him go on his own. It feel reflexive. I realize my body wants to stay awhile longer beyond “the light going on” to keep him in a warm field and to physically anchor the discovery in his body. I play assisting him beyond the knowing of when he gets it.

In “clubs” I am assigned to the “Lego” group. A boy in 4th grade throws a block. The teachers stops class, calls him out, asks him to stand. The class quiets. She berates him. Orders him to a desk where he is to sit with his forehead on the desk. He gets up immediately, shoulders hunched, walks across the room, sits and plants his forehead and sits there for 5 minutes. He does all of this on his own. With no guidance. He is shamed.

More about this in next post….



Expo Line

Hopping on the Metro Expo Line with BB the Blue Bear, a banana, 2 notebooks, a workhorse laptop and a small leather pouch of essentials all carried in a recycled Gelson’s grocery bag. I travel east. The man in front of me sits looking out the window chanting quietly to himself.  The woman who sits beside him reads a book opened to the third chapter, entitled. “Anna”.

The ride today is sweet and gently magical. This one is special. There is joy in that it runs parallel to the major north/south arteries that feed Century City, Beverly Hills, the Wilshire Corridor and Hollywood, is elevated off the ground and feels free. It is a line that breathes.

After Nathalie and I make love, I decide to spend the evening. I lie here feeling I am unable to “shut down”. I go to work and bring my body into a state where it does release and I sleep. It’s amazing what I take for granted. The tools that become so second nature that we think they lack in value.

Moving towards DTLA going through Crenshaw District. I see how every who boards and sits are wearing their talismans.

Transcendents. We are transcendence. At some point we rise out of past tense mundane to see it as the ever-present, vibrating now. The place I settle is a trance. Images of the Rosalyn / brian dream come to mind. A frequency held. Seized. Not material. Gathered and held in a maintained/contained space. Memory. Memory is a different frequency and carrier band.

Genuine Love…

Genuine love, while it lasts, is a transformative emotional state that makes of the loved one an irreplacable being. There’s something magical, magnificent and very sweet about that – Tom Robbins
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