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The first thing that happens when a baby comes out of the womb and that baby is not breathing is the doctor whacks it on its ass. “Breathe, dude/dudette. You are here now. Conscious. The game’s afoot.” I think that spanking needs to be done to a lot of people. A breathing practice provides interesting […]

Life Isn’t Fun Unless You Are Doing It On Purpose!

Diffusion Breathing diffuses resistance. Thoughts have shape. Diffusing anything is a deconstruction of thought. Breathe resistance and discomfort away Easier to teach someone to have no thoughts than it is to have positive thoughts. Positive thoughts is where things happen When your high, ride it. Milk it. When you’re low, take a nap. Change the […]

Breathing – Starting Out!

Breathing will require self-discipline and concentration. Concentration can produce brain change. This can be something as simple as moving from one negative emotional state to a positive one. It can be something as profound as slipping into a state of consciousness or being that one has never been before. The flip side of a breathing […]


Strength comes with your inhale. To breathe in deeply is to also receive a blessing. Consider your inhale to also be an act of appreciation for your life and spirit and all life and spirit.

Swami Says : Establishing a Base

This can be done if you are able to sit comfortably in either half-lotus, full-lotus or a comfortable cross legged position. Take 3 ujayyi breaths.  Then, with your next inhale, rock slowly over to your left sitbone.  With the exhale, rock slowly over to your right.  Continue to rock with your inhale and exhale. Feel […]

Breathing Beauty!

The latin root of the word inspire is “inspirare” meaning “to breathe.” I love to converse about the nature of beauty.  Bucky Fuller has a great quote that goes something like this. “I don’t set out to design something beautiful, but if it comes out beautiful I know I’ve designed it well.” My first visit […]

Swami Says…….Getting To Sleep

Ok! You wake  in the middle of the night and you can’t back get to sleep. You eat the right foods at the right time, go to bed at a reasonable hour. You’ve got to be out at 6:00AM and yet here you are. Eyes wide open. Or you go  to bed yet sleep ain’t […]

Crossing the Intersection

Breathing. We do it when we first come out of the womb.  The old school way of reminding a baby to breathe was to to give it a swat on its behind.  This doesn’t seem too far removed from the Zen stories of the Zen master swatting a student on the back with a stick […]

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