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The first thing that happens when a baby comes out of the womb and that baby is not breathing is the doctor whacks it on its ass. “Breathe, dude/dudette. You are here now. Conscious. The game’s afoot.” I think that spanking needs to be done to a lot of people. A breathing practice provides interesting […]

Teacher’s Training 101.5

Yoga – Big psychological dance Technique: Teach them to create space.  They are in prison. Keep breathing.  Ease into way that feels better. Patience is a good thing.  Do not make promises. Yoga does not always make you feel good in your body. They’ve got to find ways to process the pain. Let people know […]

Why Do Yoga?

Joy, pleasure and freedom are sustainable, deprivation and austerity are not. When you practice yoga, meditate and have more love in your life, then your brain receives more blood and oxygen, so you think more clearly, have more energy, need less sleep. Your brain may grow so many new neurons that it could get measurably […]

Insights for 2010 – Your Most Challenging Pose.

Your most challenging pose is this……. Getting to a class! I hear Judith Lasater say that people come to yoga because they feel that something is not quite right. For some of us this entry is conscious. For others, we need to get whacked upside the head (I turn red and clear my throat.) However the entry, […]

The First Opening

Three months after a bicycle accident that left me unconscious, seizing, and with a fractured skull, I find myself in class, struggling to get into down-dog.  I hesitate when I realize my still vulnerable cranium and the hardwood floor would be in dangerously close proximity. I have already taken a liking to the substitute teacher, […]

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