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Swami Manifesto #2

Swami Manifesto

Last Night

Last night I could hear The sounds of water dreaming Fed by weeping roses.

Weathered Wooden Fence

Weathered wooden fence. Necklaces cleansed by the sun. A meditation.

Ode To Aloysius

Al Muller, right, sits with Barbara Crocker, left, and Delta College president Kathy Hart in the San Joaquin Delta College Studio Theater. Al Muller was my junior college drama teacher from 1981-83. The drama department he led was my sanctuary and home away from home. In 1983, he encouraged me to apply to universities in […]

There Are Moments of Fear That Are Subtle

There are moments of fear that are subtle. The operative reaction is to move to do something that is fun, enthusiastic or that opens your gate. It can be simple. Today I go through my notes. I have an idea for a book, One Minute Guru, that is taking shape when I choose it to. […]

Wisdom Dump 8/1

Better to expand the solutions than the problems. “I can only hate you when I make myself separate from you” – Both from Emilie Odeile You cherish the love of someone when you have lost someone you loved. And who loved you so clearly and dearly. Your aim is to now do the same in […]

That What Is Unlike Itself Rises Out

I have the ability to heal. I resist this ability as it looks as if I am in a world where healing = a result that could be signed off on. The sun does not have to explain how sunlight works. At some point I realize that Jesus did not do technique.  He just touched. […]

Wisdom Dump 6/21

Self-love will come when you are in a relationship. I have all the time in the world for clarity and no time for bullshit! The sun does not have to explain how sunlight works. When you are in love with someone the unloving parts of you come to surface.  When you love someone the unloving […]

Emotion Gives Us Direction.

In improv, you have to let go, be the actor, writer and director in the moment and stay out of your head at the same time. I have a physical function and, in the beginning of the scene, commit to the character I am going to be. Though I know who I am I don’t […]

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