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Love Rant

Love It feels good to give love and it feels good to receive love. It’s not a fixed thing. It changes shape as it grows and expands. Just like you and I. Love doesn’t die. It just changes shape. Again, a good thing in a syntropic world. It is eternal and beautiful and changing. That […]

9/16 1:30AM

Intense 24 hours. Intense dreams. Intention. I have never felt things so clearly nor have I felt things so intensely over the past 24 hours. To limit it in a framework known as time makes it manageable. This seems to be what it is like to be human. It is beautiful, liberating and terrifying all […]

A Lust Meter For Women

How much do you want him (divided by) how he will be in bed + / – how he will be afterward! A good lust meter would tell you whether or not to go for it/him – JRW

Syllabus – Sexuality 101

What passes for sexual education in academia is generally about the mechanics of biology.  That serves to compartmentalize the body as a thing apart from critical factors such as touch, energy, the dynamics of movement, of giving and receiving. The mystery and power inherent in becoming a sexual being – something cultures have celebrated and […]


Moderation is for monks!

Sexuality 101 – Final Post of the Series

At the moment I am wordless. I have a list of things I can enter in this post and and inner critic says that “it’s too much” and “it has nothing to do with sexuality!” Intimacy, penetration, inter- and intra-relatedness, and synchronicities  are happening everywhere. “Microbes can “eat” rocks, “breathe” metals, transform the inorganic to […]

Sexuality 101 – Communication

Communication. It’s important. Things are going to come up. And your going to need to talk about them or you are going to plateau sexually. This thread began with the idea that the first taboo to break is permitting yourself to talk about sex openly. This is one of the first steps to really begin […]

Sexuality 101 – The Slinky Theory

A Slinky models a good sexual relationship.  Put one in both hands and move the hands up and down to see why. It’s about giving and receiving by both parties involved.  One hand can’t receive without the other giving.  Then the roles change.  Connection is kept through a spiral coil (these leads to ideas of […]

Sexuality 101 – Shop Talk

At Tantric Sexuality workshops and seminars, many facilitators encourage women to move their heart energy into their hips during lovemaking.  The reverse is encouraged in men.  Guys are to move their sexual or first chakra energy out to their heart. What is implied here are the cultural roles that male and female are supposed to […]

Sexuality 101 – Market Talk

The dialogue continues today at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. K. T. tells me of something she heard awhile ago. “Men have sex to feel good.” “Women have sex when they feel good.” We continue to have a lively conversation for about five minutes touching on topics related this… this can be a generalization, how […]

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