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Energy Event Manifesto Prep

  I have decided that the next several post will be devoted to what I call “energy events”  and what others call “seizures” Within these posts, a timeline of actual events and auras will be listed, the experience of others who were near me during these times and my thoughts and insights coming from a […]

We Are Never Blocked. Only Knotted.

We are never blocked. Only knotted. What is stable in a closed system is the sum of forces. The force not only has intensities. They have length,

More Coffeehouse Bullets

You have options, choices and possibility. Court them all. Love them all. Then choose. You can’t make a wrong choice in Universe. I’d rather you step into the flow with the accrued love and experience entitled by your name. I am stubborn. Failure is an option. It’s one of many. I won’t use it or […]

More Coffeehouse Bullets

Accountants are psychotherapists/shamans. In arguing for your own limitations, you are subtracting yourself from yourself. Change is ubiquitous and can only be seen retroactively. Set out your healing process like a geodesic dome. Charm them into neutral.    


You think that people you interact with will forget you. (You’re?) They’re going to remember you. See you. They’ll sense and remember your essence once they reset their focus on you. The agency ultimately comes down to you.  

Wisdom Dump 3/17/2017

We are never blocked. Only knotted. Rather than remove the blocks, untie the knots. What is stable in a closed system is a sum of forces – Fuller I require no permission. Merely participation from those who can meet me – Emilie Odeile Much of my current negotiation is from a false sense of lack. […]

Coffeehouse Bullets

Shit by any other name still stinks the same. Make cribbage cool again. Words sell. Presence elucidates. If you are going to survive elegantly, you must not feel a compulsion to survive. – Alan Watts A poem is neve finished. It is only abandoned. Always be in the process of building good will. Life does […]


In the present of someone you begin subtracting differences. Sometime you stay with the kid beyond the time he has learned the solution to be physically close with him.

Coffeehouse Rants!

How can you be irresponsible in a responsible Universe. It’s like my mom saying I have bad teachers. How can they be bad if I like them? How could I have failed? I am here. And when I am done, I am done. I think highly enough of myself that when you are in my […]


I am in class of K-Students.  All are in uniform. I see a little girl struggling. Asking for answers. I go to assist. The first time through is stimulating. We do not connect. I see her raise her hand 10 minutes later. She is working on the same page. I see a solution that works […]

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