FAQs about Swami O’Bryan

  1. Is Swami O’Bryan a person, a place or a thing? Yes!
      1. The person or persona of Swami O’Bryan resides within all of us and is currently being channeled by Maurice Kaehler.  He’s an elegant trickster with a bad accent who shows up on the scene whenever and wherever there is a need for lightness. Like any true Irishman, he’s fun to hang out with, admires Gene Kelly, and is never at a loss for words.  And, like a true Swami, you will leave him feeling inspired, rewired and better than you did when you arrived.  The Swami believes that Maurice is HIS experiment, through whom he can share his wisdom while spreading sacred rumors, cosmic goofiness, and pithy, * T-shirt worthy sayings,  such as:


    “WE! HERE! NOW!”


    1. Swami O’Bryan’s is a place where everyone is welcome.  It is the eye of a hurricane, the center of a cyclone, and an oasis.  It’s a sacred space wherein disparate ideas and disciplines commingle to produce a stronger, lovelier hybridized experience, one that is unique, always evolving and in harmony with Universe
    2. Swami O’Bryan’s is an ever-expanding state of consciousness combined with the deliberate self-raising of intelligence.  It’s a new understanding and mastery of the nervous system, producing quantum leaps of joy, courage, security, warmth, curiosity and a hippity-hop sense of humor.  The more time one spends in this state,  the more one increases their own Swami-ness Quotient, or S.Q.,  which is related to, but more all-inclusive than its preceding measurement,  the I.Q.
  2. What is Swami O’Bryan’s purpose? Advantaging Humanity One Breath at a Time.  Spreading what he calls,  “High Love and Yeehah!”  Guiding as many people through the portals as he possibly can.   *T-Shirts soon to be available in quality cotton and extraordinary colors!

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