My Power Animal Dream


mk3I am on a plateau in a desert-like area.  Buttes and canyons are all around me.  I hear Native American drumming and come upon a large tribal gathering at a horseshoe-shaped canyon which opens to the north.  All of the natives are sitting around the edge of the canyon with their legs dangling over the edge.  I see that there is an opening between two women.  Entering from the west, I walk towards them.  I’m interested in what’s going on and I choose to take part in the ceremony.  The drums are loud and steady.  Many are here.  The event is big and initially I feel like this young guy who has just stumbled upon the ceremony inconsequential to its larger intent.  I settle in between the two women with my legs dangling over the edge like everybody else.  Suddenly it becomes very clear that this ceremony is for me.  They are doing this for me!  All this attention and energy is for me!  I don’t think or analyze, I just know what to do.  I stand and walk around to the horseshoe opening and then walk through down to the floor of the canyon. It’s here I stop.  I am to wait here for as long as it takes until my power animal arrives to show me that it is me.  No one is telling me what to do or how to do it.  I just know.  I am energized with anticipation and I begin the wait.  “It’s going to be a bear,”  I say to myself.  “I know it’s going to be a bear.”  Because of this, my eyesight is set high, looking for a mammal that is larger and taller than I am.  I notice some rustling below my gaze and look towards the ground.  Coming out of the bushes, zigzagging towards me and sniffing the ground in front of him as he moves along, is a little raccoon.

“Is that all?”  I say to myself.

I want to burst into laughter.  It’s so unexpected.  I am expecting “so big” and it’s “so small’.  And yet, I also know that this is it.  Nature doesn’t lie.  She may have a funny sense of humor but she does not lie.  And I know enough about ceremony, initiation, and about dreams and the unknown to listen and receive this power.

And to be thankful in return.


mk4Raccoons are:

  • Bandits/Outlaws/Tricksters
  • Able to get into anything
  • Take good care of their tribe as well as themselves
  • Indigenous to this continent
  • Dexterous fingers/hands/paws
  • Adaptable
  • Try this:

(For an essay written by thirteen-year old Lucy Wagner click HERE)

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