I feel completely free to be myself around Swami which, when your twisted in every possible position, is quite an important thing.

Angela Shelton – Director/Writer – Tumbleweeds, Searching For Angela Shelton


Maurice is able to skillfully create an atmosphere in class that enables one to have  –  somehow at the same time  –  both a group and an individual experience.  His classes shift, change and evolve with almost a life of their own, which makes going to class not a chore but a privilege.

Sid Hillman – The Sid Hillman Quartet


Maurice has many talents including the gift of healing

Janet Sager
Co-Principal SagerMonti Research


I just love Maurice’s Portal practice! It’s just what I needed….I leave feeling relaxed, grounded & happy!!

Lisa Scimeca


Mo is rad. He is intuitive, sharp as hell, gentle, a good listener, intense but blithe, blithe but intense, a deep thinker, knowledgeable, whimsical, funny, appreciative, generous, fun-loving, able to laugh at nearly everything, uplifting, and a very fine teacher. That’s just him as a person, and I would say that all those qualities are present in class, except that he is also a very loving and nurturing instructor. The humor and work is there, but what pervades is a kind of gentle and allowing guidance. He is also wonderfully respectful of where you are at in your practice, probably more so than you are.

Angela Gygi


My wife and I have been satisfied clients of Maurice’s for several years now. Once upon a time, when I was afraid of yoga, Maurice made me comfortable. When I was suspicious of the concept, Maurice earned my trust. He is on the vanguard of yogic philosophy, yet maintains his gift for teaching traditional styles. There is no one I would rather have guide me in a physical (or metaphysical) practice.

Dan Chariton  – Screenwriter


He will liberate you from psychic bondage.

Stacy Weiss-Chariton – Screenwriter


The grounding I achieved from doing a Portal practice has been absolutely key in taking me through some major life changes. Mo creates a sacred space, not just for physical exercise but for true yoga, union with the divine.

I would recommend this class most heartily for two groups of people: very serious spiritual seekers and skeptics who think the New Age scene is a load of piffle.

I have taken several of my friends to this class.  They always think it’s easy, and then the next day they wonder why they’re sore.  Maurice has that talent of pushing us to achieve a good workout without us even realizing it.

Joanna Gaunder
Project Manager Dimensional Fund Advisors


Swami O’ makes the simple profound.  To breathe is to live.

Randall A. Petrie, Esq.
Principal of Dread Brothers Entertainment, LLC
(Former In-house Counsel to Stevie Wonder)


Small moves. Deep breaths. Big Changes!

Mary Holmes – Clinical Hypnotherapist


Maurice’s approach to yoga is marked by engaging warmth, personal insight, tremendous compassion, and refreshing creativity. He is an out-of-the-box thinker and yet down-to-earth and practical in terms of understanding his students’ particular needs or situations.

Sara Cody
Editor LACMA


I always feel like I have had a massage at the end of the class.  So much tension in my neck and back is alleviated that I feel like I worked out all the knots!   I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated all at the same time.  It’s as if I have energy but I have a calm attitude about everything the rest of the day.

Thank you for giving me the courage to face the present moment in mind, body and spirit.

Rita Boyadijian
Co-President Alternative Marketing Solutions, Inc

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